Alaska Airlines…They Haven’t Dragged Me Off Yet…

One of the things I like to tell younger Sales Engineers’s as they kick off their travelling careers is to pick one airline and stick with it. You get to elite status faster and boy is it worth it. Take Alaska Air for example. You wouldn’t think that flying back and forth between Portland and Seattle or Boise would net you that many miles (and it doesn’t) but the segments sure add up and that is one of the ways you can reach MVP or MVP Gold status fast. One of my former colleagues made MVP Gold that way. I have already reached that status based on the miles I flew last year.
That status also works well when you fly on partner airlines which Alaska Airlines used to be part of the American Airlines One World but is now part of Delta’s network. I haven’t flown Delta in a long time but if I did I wouldn’t have to get on at the tail end anymore.
Anyway, if you are going to travel for a living you might as well make it as comfortable as possible. Enjoy the scenery, find the cool places to eat in whatever city you find yourself in.
In the meantime time enjoy this cool video:

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