My daughter’s journey begins today

So this is the morning that I l0se my oldest. She is all packed, her friends are over giving her a good-bye hug and in a little while we begin the long drive to college. Hard to believe that 18 years ago she was just a little Porg looking chunk of love. Its so cliche but its true that time travels very fast when you have kids. It was just yesterday when she fell off the monkey bars and broke an arm. It was just yesterday when she learned how to play soccer. It was just yesterday when she picked up the French Horn for the first time. It was just yesterday…

I have been trying to prep her mother for this for a couple of years now knowing how fast time flies. Jokes about turning her room into a giant gun safe did not go over well. Starting with her junior year where Kat was really into college visits and AP classes she was doing a lot of research into the kinds of schools that had the programs she wanted is when things really took off. Then in a blink of an eye yesterday became today. I am pretty sure there will be tears… lots of them…

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