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Death is Expensive…

June 27, 2018 orrwhat 0

Its been a while and I hate to come back on a rather somber note but one of the life lessons I have learned recently […]

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Starting a YouTube Channel!

February 11, 2018 orrwhat 0

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and realized…maybe I can do that. I travel and have an interesting job. So I […]

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Hackers and the Sex Robots

January 11, 2018 orrwhat 0

Whoo. Its been a while. Sorry folks. Here is a post that didn’t make it past the editors at my company. So I thought I […]

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Travelling light for business

May 6, 2017 orrwhat 0

I spend a lot of time on the road, in airports, going from customer to customer.  I took the ultralight journey in my backpacking so […]