Welcome to the reboot of The Orrminators…

So I yanked the original version of The Orrminators off of the interwebz a few months ago due to a fairly major event in my life. I am sorry to announce that after 26 years of marriage we have decided to call it quits. the process is still on-going but I think we are close to a resolution which is why I am fairly confident that I can go ahead and re-boot this this landing space for folks who might some how be interested in the random musings of a now middle aged, asian man.

I have given some thought as to what I would write about and for the most part I will continue to write about travel, the kind of gear I carry and stuff like that but you will also see a lot more embedded videos since I have been making a more concerted effort to publish content on YouTube.

One of the reasons for that is not only is the house empty of my soon to be ex-wife’s stuff but my kids have both gone off to college and the nest is about as empty as could be right now. In any case one of the videos I am going to share with this is day 1 of my journey home after dropping them off… Anyway…enjoy the new look and feel…send me a note or comment on my channel if you have any thoughts about this…

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